Saturday, September 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Labor Day

Howdy folks! I figured that since Michele didn't have her camera with her for our Labor Day lunch at The Oasis, I'd upload some of the pictures I took. So enjoy!

This is Leila's Auntia Nina (mine and Michele's older sister). She is 26 weeks pregnant with Leila's cousing Jaxon and we're all veryyy excited.

Leila's daddy, Ryan, took her out to feed the ducks. Leila was a little more into eating the bread herself though.

This little guy was our favorite duck. He's sporting quite the 'do.

Little Leila is veryyy good at identifying airplanes and cars by their sounds. This was right after Leila heard an airplane flying overhead and she started looking for it.

She tried REALLY hard to find the plane. Problem was, our patio has a roof...

Then Leila's Nan brought out a bottle of bubbles she bought for Leila to keep her entertained while dessert finished baking.

We sure did enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather and the opportunity for our whole family to get together for lunch during the week. Hope you all had a great Labor Day too!

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  1. I love it that she is so smart...cracks me up! Thank you for updating this blog. It makes me smile every time I read it!! =)